Travel Insurance

Travel experts often recommend the purchase of travel insurance. Travel insurance basically protects the consumer in the case of delayed, interrupted or cancelled trips. Travel insurance can also cover medical or lost/damaged property expenses. This insurance fully or partially covers your expenses in case of unforeseen events.

Trip interruption insurance reimburses the traveler if the trip is interrupted because of illness, death, weather and a host of other reasons. Health insurance covers expenses for emergency medical or dental expenses. Baggage loss insurance covers lost, stolen or damaged property; many of these policies have limitations on the amount that can be claimed. Rental car insurance covers damages incurred while vacationing. All of these types of travel insurance can be useful and a wise purchase for the safety cautious traveler.

The next time you plan on traveling you should think about investing in property rather than wasting money on rental or hotel fees.

You should consider travel insurance every time you travel. This is especially true for frequent travelers who are at risk of lost or stolen property or in the case that plans must be cancelled. Most companies that carry travel insurance offer a 24-hour assistance line for questions or to file a claim. Once travel insurance is purchased, it cannot be refunded unless you are filing a claim.

Travel insurance can be a great way to protect yourself and your property in case of an emergency. In spite of the value, it is important to note that you cannot receive reimbursement for canceling a trip unless it is canceled for a covered reason. Most plans have restrictions on the types of claims you can file, depending on the coverage purchased. One of the biggest mistakes made by travelers is being underinsured. Some may be in a hurry to take care of last minute details and may not read the fine print. Be sure to fully comprehend your travel insurance before signing a contract.

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