The type of luggage you need depends on the type of traveling you are doing. Are you a frequent traveler for business or related reasons? Are you a once-in-a-blue-moon vacationer? How long is your stay? Will your entire family be using the luggage? These are all questions to answer when decided on your luggage purchase.

If you are a business traveler and are frequently gone on short trips, you probably want lightweight and easy-to-carry luggage. In this instance, you would probably prefer luggage with a soft case. Although soft-case luggage provides little protection from damage, it is lightweight and easy to carry. Some business travelers like to carry a smaller case so that it can be stored in the airplane’s overhead compartment. This reduces the chance of lost, stolen or damaged luggage at the airport.

If you are planning a family vacation, most experts recommend hard case luggage for durability. Depending on your family’s size, you can usually get by with one or two large suitcases and three or four smaller cases. If you are working on a limited budget you may want to consider discount or secondhand stores. Unless you are very fashion-conscious, you may consider buying pieces from different sets. When shopping at secondhand stores, this can be a great money saving tip. Places such as Goodwill often have very durable luggage for a fraction of the retail price. Although shipping can be quite pricey, Ebay is also a good resource for finding luggage that you can afford.

The first step in finding the right luggage for your needs is to determine what kind of traveling you will be doing. Make sure the fabric and zippers are durable and that you are purchasing the appropriate size. Shop around to find the best deal on the type of luggage suits your needs – great deals are everywhere from online to discount stores, it just takes a little research.