Map of Africa

A map of Africa can offer a surplus of information. From countries and cities within the continent to landmarks and historical points-of-interest, maps of Africa give valuable insight into this foreign land.

Africa is the Earth’s second largest continent and is home to over 800 million residents. With 54 countries, a map of Africa is filled with a variety of information. Like other maps, maps of Africa contain keys, symbols and scales. Each portion of the map represents different elements of the continent from bodies of water to land formations.

Some interesting locations may be visible on topographic maps of Africa. The tallest point in Africa is Mt. Kilimanjaro, located in the country of Tanzania. Although this is a very large mountain, Africa has no mountain chains. The largest lake is Lake Victoria, which covers nearly 30,000 square miles. The Nile River is the longest African river stretching for more than 4,000 miles. Africa is also home to the Sahara desert, which is the hottest and most expansive desert on Earth.

If you are planning a trip to Africa, you may want to consider purchasing a road atlas. A road atlas refers to a road map of the area and highlights roads, intersections and other important information. Many road atlases contain travel tips and suggestions and may point you to interesting and historic landmarks on your journey.

Maps of Africa contain tons of information. With a continent that is over 11 million square miles, it is no wonder that a map of the area contains an abundance of sites and symbols. You can find maps of Africa at many bookstores and certainly at online map stores. is a very valuable resource for all of your mapping needs. You can download information or purchase hard copies of maps for nearly every conceivable location on Earth.