Auto GPS Navigation

Perhaps one of the most exciting vehicle options in the past decade is auto GPS navigation. Many newer model vehicles are equipped with this option and older cars can have the system installed. For travelers or those who are directionally challenged, GPS navigation systems are a blessing.

People generally have tons of questions when it comes to purchasing such a system. One of the first things to ask yourself is, “how often will I use this product?” If you will only use it occasionally, you may want to consider the less expensive version that plugs into a cigarette lighter. These models are often small enough to store in the glove compartment but may not be as user friendly as the pricier models.

Some auto GPS navigation systems are installed into your vehicle. These usually include a good-sized monitor that is installed into your car’s dashboard. Depending on the size and layout of your car, the monitor may obstruct air vents that can lead to decreased air or heat circulation. Several monitor sizes are available and you should choose one that fits nicely with your car.

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You should find a navigation system that offers multiple ways to map your destination. These usually display address, intersection and personal address information regarding your objective. It is also suggested that your system provide graphed, mapped and vocal directions. The vocal directions can come in quite handy for navigation support while driving. These systems can let you know where you are located on the map as well as give you spoken directions when you are approaching a turn.

Do some research when considering the purchase of an auto GPS navigation system. If your car was not originally equipped with the system, some manufacturers will void the original warranty. Check with your warranty provider or manufacturer to find an authorized dealer or installer to ensure your warranty remains in effect.